• Do you drink alcohol?
  • If so, how often and how much?
  • Do you: usually get
    • tipsy
    • a bit drunk
    • quite drunk
    • so drunk you cannot stand up?
  • Does your drinking get you into trouble?
    • With peer group?
    • Parents?
    • family?
    • Police?
  • Who do you drink with?
    • others your own age
    • older /younger people?
  • Do you sometimes not remember what has happened?
  • Do you sometimes feel sick, vomit, have a hangover the next day?
  • Do you miss school or work days because you have been drinking?
  • Do people tell you to cut down?
  • Do others in your family drink alcohol?
  • Do they have problems related to their drinking?
Risk rating:
  • Drink once a month?
  • 4/6 drinks over an evening on these occasions?
  • Sometimes get drunk?
  • Change or increase in the amount?
  • Drinking most weekends?
  • Changes in the amount?
  • Often get drunk?
  • Sometimes experience problems because of drinking. Example: Hangovers Vomiting Unsafe situations Relationship problems?
  • Drink every weekend and some weekdays?
  • Get drunk most times when drinking?
  • Often do not remember what happened?
  • Experience Hangovers? Vomiting? Unsafe situations.? Miss school or work days because of drinking?
  • Affecting relationships?
  • Get into fights/ arguments with others?
  • Take risks such as D/D?
  • Do others say your drinking is a problem?
  • In trouble with family/ friends /Police?

Other Drugs


  • Do you use other drugs?
  • What kind of drugs & how often?
  • Is YP aware of risks associated with their drug use?
  • How is the YP paying for their drugs?
  • Has there been referral to any services for drug related problems?


  • Do other members of your family use drugs? If so what type of drugs?
  • Have they had problems relating to their drugs use?
  • Does their drug use affect your life
Risk rating:
  • Use sometimes but not on a regular basis?
  • Is there use of more than one drug?
  • When using experience problems? Example:
  • Using regularly once a month or more?
  • Have been told by family/ friends they are concerned about drug use?
  • Using weekly/daily?
  • Difficulty managing when drug not available?
  • Cost of drug use affecting finances?
  • Drug use affecting health?
  • Been told by family/friends to cut back?
  • Have been referred/seen by alcohol & drug service?
  • Had admission to hospital for drug related harm?
  • Have been in trouble with Police or convictions for drug or alcohol related offending?



  • Car – have you ever driven under the influence?
  • Relax – do you need substances to relax?
  • Alone – do you commonly use on your own?
  • Forget – do you forget what you have done under the influence?
  • Family/Friends – do they tell you to cut down?
  • Trouble – does your use get you into trouble with relationships/ school/work or Police?
Risk rating: