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Safe Children

Initial Assessment

Has abuse been disclosed?
Are you concerned/suspicious that child abuse and/or neglect is a possibility?
Is an assessment for Non Accidental Injury appropriate?
(Should be completed for all children aged 17 and under attending the practice with an injury.)


Use the patient's own words:

Injury assessment:

Has there been a delay between the injury and seeking medical advice for which there is no satisfactory explanation? Yes No
Is the history inconsistent with the injury and with the child's developmental level? Yes No
On examination, does the child have any unexplained injuries? Yes No
Is there any concern about the child's behaviour? Yes No
Is there a disclosure or any concerns/suspicion of partner abuse in the home? Yes No
Is there a past history of previous injuries or does a child protection alert exist? Yes No
Is the child under 12 months of age? Yes No

Abuse Assessment

Is the nature of the abuse sexual?
Are you concerned about the care of the child?
Are you concerned about the child's immediate safety?
Are there other people living with the child who may also be at risk?
(including older people or people with disabilities)

High probability of NAI:

Immediate safety risk:

Risk assessment:

Keep child safe and report to police if:

Consider risk factors and safety concerns raised in answers to questions. In an emergency Call Police 111. You do not need permission.

Notify CYF.

No abuse disclosed and no concerns or suspicions

Concerns about the child's care:

Disclosure, concerns or suspicions that child abuse and/or neglect is a possibility:

If abuse has been disclosed or you have concerns or suspicions that child abuse and/or neglect is a possibility, ALWAYS CONSULT:

Sexual abuse against the child has been disclosed or is suspected:

Other people living with the abuser:

Some questions to consider: Additional notes:

Record name, DOB and relationship to the patient/abuser of any other person at risk:



Consider using Medtech's drawing tool to record a body injury map and/or save camera images.

Perpetrator's name and relationship to patient/caregiver:


Actions taken:

Contact details:

Initial assessment:
NAI assessment:
Immediate danger:

Other people living with the abuser who may be at risk:


Additional notes:
Actions taken: